Portfolio analysis


Propology plus you most definitely equals success. And working with you our aim is to multiply the value of your investments.

Whether you already own investment property or are looking to build up your own little property empire, let us do the sums.

Propology can provide a thorough analysis of your current property portfolio so that you are able to accurately assess what your properties are worth.

Looking at the whole picture from purchase price, renovation and running costs, right through to professional expenses, we can provide you with accurate and realistic rental income projections in line with current market trends. We’ll also tell you what you can expect to achieve by projecting gross and net returns.

Our services include building, refurbishments, property finding and ongoing letting management. In addition to local market knowledge, through our founder Cherylle we have exceptional experience of the lucrative and buoyant London buy to let market.

You know it all adds up. Go on, give us a call!


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