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garden design

If an Englishman’s home is his castle, we think his garden should provide the most wonderful view. Here at Propology we can make sure that your castle’s grounds are not neglected!

Garden design doesn’t have to mean following the latest trend or spending a small fortune. That said, it’s certainly worth investing in, because it’s a scene you drink in every day. With a bit of thought and effort it can make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Gardens or outside spaces, whatever their size, can meet the social, physical and psychological needs of the family as well as providing a place of restoration and relaxation for friends. A well designed garden that compliments the architectural style and natural features of a property should also never be underestimated.

But why wait to sell before you embrace everything your own plot of land has to offer? There’s a reason for the saying that a beautiful garden is a work of heart. We can do the hard work – life’s too short to have clean fingernails!


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