Hello Spring

It’s the perfect time of the year to blow away the cobwebs with fresh air and new thinking. Life in general is really inspiring during Spring, with the weather picking up, things seem to be altogether more cheerful. It’s liberating to fling open the doors and windows of your home to welcome the world back in, allowing the breeze flow, freshening the home and spirits.

This is a time for plans and projects, like the season, you can burst with new life. Check out our amazing blossom window display at our office, this will get you in the mood! Feel compelled to hop, skip and jump and make the nearest sapling your maypole. It’s the time to plan your weekends over a morning cuppa or a spot of brunch. Pop your shoes on and enjoy the outdoors. Open up windows, listen to the birdsong and sounds of new life and head off to find a wild garden. Let Propology and nature inspire you this Spring.

It’s all about the easy switch-ups that shake off the Winter chill and add instant cheer to your home. Now that the clocks are moving forward, perhaps it’s time that your home does too?

We’ve a fabulous collection of boutique homes for sale this Spring. We can’t wait to share them with you. Pop in and see us, pick up the phone or drop us a line to get the inside information first.

Get into the Spring mood, before you even walk through the front door of your home, by adding a floral wreath to the door. Take a look at our “Step into Spring” pinterest board for a bit of inspiration on how to make a beautiful blossoming wreath to welcome friends and family into your home, or ideas for a completely new look. Clear the clutter and keep your hallway organised with a colourful storage solution. Not only will it be a bit of spring-cleaning but it’ll look great too!

Colour can do more than just transform the look of your home; it can really lift your mood too. Try a colour cocktail to bring seasonal freshness to the rooms. Adding bursts of colour, energetic patterns, and lively springtime motifs will effortlessly transition it into the new season. Known for its harmonising qualities, green can be a calming alternative to traditional neutrals when you need a new base colour for the Spring. A zesty-lime green or a pastel mint colour will update a space and bring some serenity to your home. Painting the ceiling of a white room a pale blue will feel as if there’s no ceiling at all or almost as if you’re gazing at the blue Spring skies.

You could even take the paint brush to some old picture frames. A few coats of colour will breathe new life into old frames and help inexpensive ones look pricey. Paint and frames are an easy match made in heaven.

Perhaps you could add some colour with textiles? This strengthens the colour statement and creates a cosy feel. Add some new, colourful and punchy pillows to your sofa – voila! A rug can set the foundation for a room and often makes a statement with a pop of pattern and bright colour. Changing the textiles and creating a new look for the season can easily be created in your bedroom with new, crisp bed linen.

Bring blossom into your home, it represents new life and hope. Wait for a gusty day and then grab yourself armfuls of these fallen beauties. You’ll need nothing more than a simple vase to put them into. Arranging some leafy or blossoming branches and placing it on top of a tall piece of furniture will create some height in the room and creates the illusion of a tree. Nothing brings a sense of calm quicker than greenery and blossom.

If you want to make a big difference to your home for the Spring, the installation of glass panelled folding doors will make entire walls disappear and will really open up a space. This means you’ll be able to step directly from your kitchen or living room into the garden, and back in again, as though they are the same room. The garden becomes an extension of the house, and what a perfect time of year for a transformation like this in your home.

Spring clean your mind, think afresh and let the Spring flow inside. If you’re struggling for ideas, just get in touch, we would be delighted to help.



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