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You know that dream you had when you were young – you know, where you imagined what type of person you would be, where you’d live and who with? Well, we’re a big believer in making that happen.

We sum it up in this way:

It’s the house in the country with the incredible view
With the ivy up the side and a wood burner too
A little outside building with a meadow to the right
And a hen coop, kitchen garden – even bats at twilight
It’s the little beach escape with the larder and the stove
Creaky stairs, old style bathroom
But direct access to a cove
That’s all ours on an evening
When we often eat outdoors
Eating fresh fish from the market
To support the local cause
It’s the dream that we had
When we were little and we grew
There right in front of us
To live, enjoy and do.

See what we mean? We’re willing to bet that you’ve got your own secret property idyll that you’re thinking of right now. Making it a reality might require some big, life changing decision or some small lifestyle tweaks – either way, we have seen it all and can be there to guide and advise along the way. If you’d like to know more, let’s have a chat. Incremental steps are the way forward and change is less scary when you’re doing it with a friend.


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