Architectural design


Did you ever think that the home you’ve been hankering after might actually be closer than you think? Like right underneath your feet? Sometimes it turns out that you don’t actually need to move at all – and this is where our architectural design service comes into play. Sometimes rebuilding from the bottom up is the perfect solution where the location is right, the land is there but the property is found wanting.

If it’s just space or light you’re after, the redevelopment needn’t be that drastic. Our architects and contractors have both vision and an eye for beauty and practicality. What you’ll get is experience and enthusiasm but within a sound organisational and contractual context so that red tape and complications needn’t sabotage your dream. What’s more, we only use people that we’d trust with our own homes, which we think says an awful lot.

Whether you just want plans drawn up or the whole shebang, our contractors love these types of jobs, whether big or small. We legally document everything so you can be sure that everything is moving along as it should be. And whatever hurdles the planners put in the way, there’s no need to panic as we’re very good at jumping!

We promise that you’ll love the work we do as it is always to the agreed timescale, quality and budget. What we can’t promise is that the team won’t also be thinking about converting that outbuilding into a home office or self-catering holiday let. Nothing like a new challenge to keep you going..!


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