Lovely things for your home

lovely things

“Oak, copper, driftwood or steel
Velvet or silk, purple or teal?
Handmade, authentic recycled or new
What are the things that define you?”

Be different and be happy is our ethos and here is the place you will find those one off pieces that we just couldn’t resist.

Whatever your budget we hope you will find something that demands to be heard or quietly whispers your name. After all, everyone should have that ‘once in a housetime’ goody that will adorn your favourite room or bring a little bit of sunshine into your life.

We display and sell one off, eclectic pieces at our office in Alnwick so please come over for a coffee and a browse – whether or not property is on your mind, we love a chat and you might just pick up a beautiful vase or coffee table!

And of course by now you know we like to go the extra mile so if we don’t have what you are looking for, why not tell us what is on your wish list and we will find or even create it for you. Think of us as a Propology fairy godmother bringing that sought-after treat (but just to manage expectations we don’t have wings or a wand).

PS If you can’t get to Alnwick that’s no problem, just give us a call and we will arrange delivery. But you knew we’d say that, didn’t you.

Lovely things for sale this month 

We love to support our little community, Alnwick Castle Quarter has an eclectic mix of indie shops, including us of course! We couldn’t resist this.. our latest purchase from one of our favourite interior design studios, Marilyn Melrose vintage at 12 Narrowgate, Alnwick. Bang on trend and very country chic. The fabufleece Baa stool. These adorable foot stools even have their own brush to keep the fleece looking and feeling gorgeous. Join the flock and buy yours today 01665 605661

The Baa stool – Fabufleece




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