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Whether you’re moving home due to one of the three D’s (Divorce, Death or Debt) – or even if it’s by choice and you’re excited about upscaling to a new life and new property – whatever the reason it’s a well known fact that moving is considered as one of the major life stressors.

Add in the Covid-19 pandemic and emotions can run sky high, even for the most balanced and organised types.

Such a change often creates a mixing pot of emotions that can put you in a state of fear and uncertainty or even anger, depending on the situation. Either way, it’s not unusual for people’s emotions to swing from one extreme to another. Even when things are looking good, new possibilities may feel liberating but also risky.

Respecting and managing your emotions are the keys to managing a successful move.

You are likely to experience anxiety, fear, loss, regret, sadness, guilt, then perhaps on the same day excitement, happiness, joy and wellbeing.

It’s certainly very taxing on your energy levels and if you throw current life factors into the equation such as children, work and relationships, expect to feel uber tense!

Apart from the practicalities of moving such as packing, de-cluttering, organising and expense, there are our emotions to deal with too, which can feel overwhelming and never ending.

Here at Propology we believe in offering a holistic approach to the stresses of moving and are delighted to be introducing shortly a range of recommended sources and services to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

We will all get through this together, as safely and serenely as possible.

More news on our exciting new offering soon!



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