Barn tastic - Living in re-invented spaces

There is something very alluring about a barn. They are the buildings that children’s storybooks are made of and the places of escape and sanctuary. There is a charming romanticism surrounding barns, centred on their ties to the past. A barn conversion is in itself one of the most escapist and liberating buildings.

These properties can work wonders with the imagination, with all of those wonderful wide open spaces and high dramatic ceilings that suit today’s demand for open plan living. With space to breathe, both inside and out, a barn conversion provides bundles of seductive character and charm of an old building with all the tempting modern comforts of a new home. These picturesque buildings fit so perfectly into this new spirit we have nowadays of mulifunctionality and flexibility. You can free yourself from the outmoded preconceptions of what particular spaces should or should not be. Rooms can be used to indulge a variety of uses – eating, relaxation, work, play.

There is something truly captivating about a barn conversion in the way that these buildings candidly reveal the workings and beautiful craftsmanship. They celebrate the use of new and sometimes unexpected materials within such traditional frameworks. This means that there is a lovely, understated elegance of the exteriors and internal framework. Barn conversions expose their sturdy nature, organic character and intuitive design making these buildings even more appealing.

We find ourselves seeing a new generation of sympathetic, sensitive barn conversions where there is a harmonious balance between contemporary style and the patina and charm of age. They respect the original function and character of the building and with a minimal approach the glories of the barn are preserved, yet an individual, bespoke and contemporary living space can be created.

Bursting with stone and slate bucolic charm, barn conversions come with exposed beams, contemporary design, unique character and charisma that flows from their organic simplicity and unpretentious beauty. Newly restored with old time values is the way these buildings are transformed so that the natural integrity and rustic attraction remains.

Our bespoke collection of luxury barn conversions at Cavil Head Farm are fantastic examples of country living with contemporary twists. With half the site sold out already we reckon you don’t really need any sales patter!

Indugle your love of the good life in a barn conversion!


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