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Coronavirus has prompted a big shift in the property market. Countless urban dwellers are moving to rural regions as the pandemic exposes the shortcomings with people’s living arrangements, with many wanting more space as they work from home. Buying a new home in Northumberland can get you out of the rat race and closer to a simpler authentic life, bringing you closer to identifying what’s most important to you and your family.

Science understands what’s enticing you to move to Northumberland. The soothing natural landscape, fresh air, access to green space, miles of beaches and coastline. Countless studies have pointed to how this picturesque way of living nourishes your mental and physical health.

Not only has the pandemic changed our direction at Propology, but it parallels the climate change crisis too.

We have had our thinking heads on. Looking to future in terms of climate change and energy efficiency we took the decision during Spring 2021 to specialise in Barn Conversions, Land and New Homes for the foreseeable future.

The stereotypical idea of new homes being bland boxes without character can put many buyers off the idea of a new home, but this is not the case with the boutique new homes we offer. Features and natural materials are used to create an authentic feel and look with energy efficiency as a top priority.

Propology Boutique Properties work in close partnership with only the very best specialist developers and house builders in the region, offering outstanding luxury homes to the highest standards of quality and architectural integrity. 

From imaginative one off projects, to bespoke luxury developments, our new homes and barn conversions are constructed and converted using traditional build techniques and materials blended with cutting-edge architecture and exquisite design, delivered with sensitivity and skill. 

Original features and character of buildings are retained and preserved, wherever possible. Trusses, full height ceilings, exposed stonework, existing timber detailing, fireplaces and other features are combined with the very best in architectural design that make our properties truly unique. Whether you’re looking for a new family home, a country bolthole or an investment property, our collection of new homes are all distinctly unique and wondrously special, as well as being kind to the environment.


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