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Since we first opened our doors in 2014, our multi-award winning Land and New Homes service has gone from strength to strength.

Our efforts and expertise in this area have already been widely recognised, not only from industry experts but our own developer clients, were we have established good working relationships built on trust.

We were awarded Gold in 2018 at the prestigious Negotiator Awards for Land and New Homes Specialist of the year, Silver in 2019, Bronze in 2021 and Silver in 2022 and Gold in 2023 as the best property agency, nationally, in this category. In addition to our haul of gongs we are also proud recipients of the Sustainable Agency of the Year Award, Gold in 2021 and Silver in 2022 and Silver small agency of the year, which sits very well with our sustainable new homes ethos and services.

We have grown organically in such a positive way that we took the decision back in Spring 2021 to review our services and now exclusively deal with the sale of sustainable New Homes and Barn Conversions.

Our strength lies in the choosing the sites and developers we work with that hold the same vision and ethos as we do. We are more than simply a sales agent. We are sustainable New Home specialists. 

We are involved in the very early stages of development, from sourcing and advising on potential sites, to design and specification. We offer energy efficient properties without compromising on style and quality. We help create very special homes that meet modern day living requirements that also respect the environment. 

All of our new build properties are covered by a warranty against structural defects, ensuring you are protected against any possible damage caused by a build failure.

Our new homes are chain-free, which means you can move in as soon as your property is ready. They also benefit from exceptionally high specifications and many offer enhanced eco-features, so you don’t have to spend hefty sums on renovation as well as being assured of high energy efficiency, which is so important with the cost of living and energy crisis we are currently experiencing.

A new home is a blank canvas that offers a fresh start and lifestyle that not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also offers a healthy environment to thrive.

We are so proud of our hard earned national awards for Land and New Homes Specialist of the year, GOLD 2018, SILVER 2019, BRONZE 2021, SILVER 2022 and GOLD 2023.

Our current developments and available properties for sale can be found on our current developments page from the dropdown menu at the top of our homepage. See you there!


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