Wild Spaces

We offer inspiring and beautiful places to live, where people and nature can thrive. Threats of habitat destruction, climate change and species extinction are happening at an alarming rate. 

Constructing new homes seems like a conflicting objective to conservation. It is possible for people and nature to coexist and thrive together. It’s a delicate balance but one that is achievable.  

The homes on the sites we offer have been through rigorous planning procedures and adhere to strict planning policies. The natural environment is at the heart of planning decisions in our county. New housing can make a positive contribution to areas where eco systems can be enhanced or restored. Our new homes integrate space for wildlife and people, as well as reducing carbon emissions. 

Our strength is in choosing the sites and developers we work with as well as assessing the needs of our customers and the local environment. 

Northumberland is a stunningly beautiful county with a diverse range of habitats that support a wide range of fauna and flora.

We are lucky to still have vast expanses of beautiful wild spaces to enjoy. We all have a responsibility to take care of nature, our wildlife, habitats and each other. Nature makes us feel good. Let’s work together to preserve our wild spaces.

We do so much more than sell new homes. We are committed to preserving our wild spaces. You can learn more about the important organisations we support on our conservation page.


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