Football Hole

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The discovery of this small, secluded beach came about quite by chance. As a proud coastal connoisseur, and all things connected to nature, especially the sea. I love nothing better than getting out near the coast, taking a dip, or a relaxing stroll and on more active days, riding the surf.

The walls of my home are adorned by local seascapes. A particularly evocative seascape painting caught my eye in a local gallery. I stole fleeting glances every time I drove by the gallery window. Transfixed by the blue-greens and wispy whites. I could taste the sea spray of the wind whipping up the waves in my minds eye. Lockdown was in full swing, Winter 2020. The gallery shop was closed. Luckily for me the painting in the window was kindly purchased by a good friend and gifted to me that Christmas.

It was even better close up, predominately displayed on my wall. My fascination with this seascape increased. I would often just sit and gaze, getting lost in its mesmerising layers of coastal hues.  

The painting was simply called ‘Rolling Cove’

I wonder if this place actually exists?  It evoked such a powerful energy, synonymous with the wild and beautiful Northumberland Coast.

I contacted the artist who kindly told me where the beach was located.

I had never been there, because I was unaware of its existence. Of course, I had to visit this incredibly elusive, wild beach.

That’s one of the amazing things about nature, there is always something new to see. With the change of seasons even frequently visited places offer a different experience and perspective. I was born and raised in the North East, as you may have suspected, by the sea. My childhood was filled with coastal adventures and yet even now, as an adult. I am finding so much more to discover.

Football Hole really took my breath away, not just because of the painting, although credit to the artist for capturing its essence of purity, peacefulness and atmosphere.

The pale white sand and clear waters are unexpected on this part of the coast. The beach is sheltered by dunes and cocooned in a gentle small bay. Seals, seabirds and on occasions, dolphins are frequent visitors here.

My first visit was at low tide. The sea was calm and the sun was out, illuminating this little piece of paradise. The rock pools are stunningly beautiful, the colours so vivid it feels ‘other wordly’.

We saw a heart shape seaweed print on one of the rocks.

Because there is no direct access to this beach is it often deserted and utterly peaceful. There are no facilities here so be sure to leave only your footprints on this beautiful beach. Take away your rubbish along with memories and inspiration of Football Hole.

The name of the beach comes from way back when apparently football was played on the grassy fields nearby.


It’s accessed via National Trust walking route between Beadnell and Low Newton. We parked at Newton Steads Car Park (chargeable) and climbed over the stile heading towards south, signed Newton Point. Its about a 10 minute walk, you won’t miss it if you follow the coastal path. The path is a moderate walk over the dunes but it is on the cliff path so please take care, especially with children and dogs.

Postcode of Newton Steads Car Park NE66 3DF


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