Howick Beach

Recommended by Cherylle 

I will never forget the day I discovered this beautiful little beach. It was a magical experience that transported me back to carefree days of childhood wonder. That evening my dreams were filled with vivid memories of fairy tale illustrations from Charles Kinglsey’s  ‘The Water Babies and Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five coastal adventures’.

I was accompanied by a local friend, who has lived in the area her entire life. We met at Howick Gardens and Arboretum where we started our adventure. We wandered through the grounds, that cover 65 acres, containing 11,000 trees and shrubs from around 1800 taxa, grown from seed and collected in the wild. This is a spectacular botanical experience in itself and you can find out more about Howick Gardens and Arboretum in our gardens and forest section.

We followed the ‘Long Walk’ through the East Arboretum, along a long valley following  Howick Burn. We meandered, carefree, through rustic footpaths and whimsical footbridges, soaking up the glorious forms of eclectic botanicals that delighted our eyes, eventually leading to a one -way metal turnstile gate. Take note that the gate means that this walk must be followed in an anti-clockwise direction.

Through the gate the dreamy woodland path gradually gives way to sand. The smell of the sea hits you before you catch a glimpse of this quiet little beach that lies between Howick Haven and Sugar Sands.

The secluded location of this gorgeous little paradise is really worth the effort to find. The beach enjoys a sheltered backdrop, with trees and shrubs on both sides, cocooning you in nature. It is cosy and intimate, a real hidden gem.

Howick Beach is a rocky location with interesting cliffs and caves. It’s a great spot to go rock pooling.

There is a footbridge over the burn, where you will find curious rock strata and a tiny inlet that is Whitefin Spring, where water bubbles up out of the rock. Was that really a water sprite I saw?

Once you decide how to get there, via the Howick Gardens route or along the coast, an enchanting surprise awaits you…watch out for mermaids and pirates!

There is an entrance fee to Howick Gardens and Arboretum if you choose the route we took, highly recommend as part of the adventure! You can get there by foot, free via the coastal route. Due to it’s off-the beaten track location there’s no designated car park but an area off the road past the old bathing house in Howick. 

You will need to follow the coastal path on foot. Not recommended for limited mobility as it does require a bit of a hike to reach this beach.  Also note that the ‘Long Walk’ from the East Arboretum at Howick is not wheelchair accessible. 

There are no facilities here due to its secret and secluded location, so pack a picnic with ‘lashings of ginger beer’ and don’t forget to take your rubbish with you. Help preserve our precious gems by being responsible and respectful of the environment.


Coastal Route parking area postcode NE66 3LH

Leaving Howick Beach along the coastal path, turn left towards the Bathing House.


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