The allure of living by the sea

With 30 beaches listed in Northumberland we really are very spoilt for choice in this beautiful area of England. The most popular beach in Northumberland is Bamburgh Castle beach and with what seems like an endless number of large sand dunes tumbling onto the clear sands of the beach itself it’s no surprise to us that is has been voted the best beach in Northumberland by “The Beach Guide”. On a glorious sunny day here in Northumberland there really is nothing much nicer than taking a picnic to this stunning beach with your family and friends whilst sitting down with your feet in the sand and looking out towards the Farne Islands and really soaking up those views. Bamburgh beach has everything you could possibly need for a day trip out with it being dog friendly, good for fishing, swimming or maybe just dipping your toes in the sea if you’re not feeling as brave to go all the way into the water (awarded 5* for water quality). If you need to warm up a bit then a cup of tea or coffee is just a few steps away with a café and restaurant situated just on the other side of the dunes. It really is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Living by the sea can quite often be taken for granted but what’s not to love about living so close to the North Sea? Other than the gorgeous scenery and views it has been proven by researchers on the topic that living by the sea can really help to rejuvenate the mind and body. This is due to the way the sound of waves can alter wave patterns in the brain that can put you into a deeply relaxed state. If you’re brave enough to venture into these somewhat chilly waters then bathing in the water can really benefit you as well with the way the blood in your body is diverted around the lower limbs and this fresh blood being pumped around your body brings more oxygen to the brain making you more alert and active. Swimming in seawater can have a very beneficial effect on your skin as well. The seawater not only improves the outer appearance of the skin but it can also increase the elasticity too. Even just a little stroll along the beach can do you the world of good due to the sea air being charged with healthy negative ions that can accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen and the sea air can really help to balance levels of serotonin which is a chemical in our body linked with mood and stress.

You can also enjoy a vast number of different activities in Northumberland! Ever thought about surfing in Northumberland? Cresswell beach near Widdrington is one of the most popular places in Northumberland to give surfing a try. This beach is a northeast-facing stretch of coast that picks up all available swell onto some nice sandbars. If surfing isn’t enough fun as it is you’ll also have a stunning castle backdrop whilst surfing the waves of the North Sea. If you’re feeling a little more brave then Beadnell Bay is also a popular destination for surfers, both experienced and new starters to this water sport. The bay can see swells up to 15ft in size and it is usually the more favourable Bay due to the wind directions and protected swell. There seems to be a secret in Northumberland that attracts surfers from all over the country. Could it be the miles of coast to choose from, the stunning backdrops, the clean water or the peacefulness that comes from how empty the beaches tend to be? No, apparently it’s the rocks on the Northumberland Coast that collect swells and create waves worth travelling long distances to surf on.

Fishing has always been a popular activity for people living on or near the Northumberland coast too. Whether it’s at the time of day when the sun’s just about to come up or just as it’s setting this activity can be enjoyed at any time of day and at a number of different locations along the Northeast coast. Can you picture it? A nice big flask of hot tea whilst stitting/standing on the edge of the water or perched on the rocks looking out to the gorgeous views with just the sound of waves disrupting the peace and quiet if you can even call the sound of waves a disruption. The beach in Seahouses is a well known historic fishing spot and the village itself has a small harbour with a pier to cast a line from too. For those who wish to go out to sea, charter boats are available to go out from Seahouses too. Alan Dawson and his family who live in the village have more than 40 years experience fishing in the North Sea and have regular fishing trips out to sea from the harbour. He offers trips from 3 hours to 6 hours where you can catch species such as Cod, Pollock and Mackerel.

Amble is yet another very attractive beach in Northumberland. It’s a beautiful sandy beach called Amble Links between the town and Low Hauxley. It is hugely popular with walkers and dog owners due to the stunning views of Coquet Island with its lighthouse, well known for having been manned by the brother of Grace Darling. With this beach being backed by sand dunes it makes for the perfect setting for a relaxing evening walk after work or for those of you that are early birds take a stroll along in the morning and watch the sun rise over the horizon. Fishing in Amble can also be highly rewarding and the Amble Angling Centre is a great place to begin. Fishing boats can be chartered from the harbour but you can also charter a boat for other reasons too such as for a wildlife cruise, a bit of sightseeing or even diving!

If diving does take your fancy then Beadnell Bay might be the place for you to give it a try as well as in Amble. Beadnell is home to a number of different diving clubs because of the close proximity of the Farne Islands and other popular dive sites including a site called Somali, a ship that was bombed in 1941. Get close with nature in the North Sea but also learn a bit about the history of the area at the same time.

The 30 miles of beaches along the Northumbeland Coast are simply spectacular. Dip your toes in the sea, promenade along piers, play at the arcades, roll down sand dunes, tuck into some delicious fish and chips whilst admiring the views or just skim a few stones on the water and let your mind drift away. Are you tempted?


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