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Northumberland is well known for its history, iconic coastline and outstanding natural beauty. Propology would like to take you on a more personal journey, to the heart and soul of this incredible county. We reveal the hidden and quirky places that make the area unique and eclectic. There is a magical essence to Northumberland, and you find it in the small, off-the-radar places: the one-off indie shops, farmers markets, village pubs, local restaurants and hidden beauty spots that we have discovered ourselves, and would like to share them with you.

These places share a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ and independence of spirit, and that’s what makes them special. Northumberland can seem vast and overwhelming and there are many excellent generic guide sites and books directing you to the key sights of the county. We reveal the places we love and feature some of the lesser-known hidden gems. With many people relocating to make Northumberland their home, we want to welcome you. This is Northumberland, up close and personal.

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St Cuthbert’s Cave

Spurred on by the discovery of the Duddo Five stones I got to thinking about the history of local stone structures and the impact they had on our landscape. Learn more about St Cuthbert’s Cave

Duddo Five Stones

To be honest, for me, this site was a pleasant accident! Snaking across the countryside from Wooler to Berwick-upon-Tweed I saw a sign for the Duddo Stones. Learn more about Duddo Five Stones